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Available: August 12, 2014

Committed – by Sidney Bristol

I’ve read plenty of erotica, but by far, I think this one is my favorite. I was unsure in the beginning if I would really love it as much as I did. 

Committed is a darker, edgier BDSM book than I typically read. I’ve never read anything by Sidney Bristol before, but I was thoroughly impressed. 

Sidney gave so much life to both the main characters — Damien and Poppy — that I’m almost sure that if I passed them on the street, I’d recognize them. That rarely happens for me. Her mastery of being able to craft such a piece of art (because that’s what this book was to me) is amazing. I wish I was even a little bit as talented as she was.

From the start of the book, you’re drawn to both Damien and Poppy. Well. I was anyway. Damien is everything a Dom should be, in my opinion. He’s perfectly in tune to what Poppy needs and wants. Unlike other books I’ve read, he doesn’t just blow over what she wants. It’s a partnership as much as it is a Dom/sub relationship. 

When he messed up with Poppy at first, he was clear that he wanted a second chance with her, that he knew he’d made a mistake. But he wasn’t creepy about it. He didn’t follow her around all day or use his power as a federal agent to seek her out. He did show up at a place he thought she might be, and he did call her at work…but that was only after she said she’d call him and she didn’t. He called to check up on her and then asked if she’d see him again. He made it very clear that if she said no, if she turned him down, then he’d listen to her wishes and leave her be.Most BDSM and erotica novels aren’t quite like that. The hero will follow the leading lady around secretly (like… following her car in traffic) or will find out where she lives and stakes out in front of her apartment until she gives in. Damien was a breath of fresh air for me in that regard. 

Poppy was probably my favorite thing about the whole book. I’ve never heard of “switchers” before. She was spunky and sassy from the start. She knew what she wanted from Damien, and wasn’t afraid to make her needs and wants known. If there was something that she didn’t like… or didn’t want to do, she was very vocal about it. Too many times I’ve seen the leading ladies just let the hero steam roll right over them. Poppy didn’t do that. She gave back as good as she got.

The secondary characters were just as amazing to me as the main ones. I loved Poppy’s friends, Nikki and Kyle. I REALLY loved that Nikki was transgender and didn’t apologize for it. She was fierce and I loved her. Poppy’s cats were THE BEST (partly because they’re maine coon’s…).  Mario and Yoshi are the best names! I have a cat and she’s completely a cuddle-slut just like these two are. Poppy’s mother infuriated me with her reaction when she discovered the relationship between Damien and Poppy. Barging into someone’s apartment (even if that person IS your offspring. Poppy is almost thirty years old… her momma needs to learn to knock!) is a recipe for seeing things you probably shouldn’t have. I was happy that she seemed to get past her prejudices toward the end of the book, but she still wasn’t my favorite person. 

The drama in Committed was gripping. The bad guy was the worst. I hated him and I was happy that he got what was coming for him. Even though he was an abusive, murdering scumbag, he failed to break Poppy of her spirit and love of life.

We get our HEA at the end, and it’s just as sweet as I’d hoped it would be. I’ll definitely be on the look out for more by Sidney Bristol. 10/10 would recommend. 


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