Patience is a virtue…

Well. That’s what I’ve heard anyway. I know (and those that know me also know) that I’m not exactly the most patient person in the world.

I’m the girl that when I’m making brownies, I burn my mouth and fingers because I can’t wait for them to cool after baking. I’ve just been forced to wait half an hour (or more) for these brownies to do their thing in the oven, and now I’m going to have to wait for them to get to a reasonable temperature before I can eat them? BUT THEY SMELL SO GOOD. Yeah, no. I’m not waiting. I’ll let them cool down from being the temperature of molten lava, but as soon as they’re past that? Just try to hold me back.

Also — Cookie dough? I don’t like having to wait for them to be baked into actual cookies. I’m pretty sure the whole “you’re going to get saminalia and be sick” thing is just to scare people away from eating cookie dough raw. I’m in college to become a Pharmacy Technician, and I’ve taken a lot of anatomy classes. I’ve also eaten a lot of raw cookie dough and I’ve been fiiiine. So it could either be a scare tactic… or I could just have an iron stomach. Have you ever had chocolate chip cookie dough? It’s better than the actual chocolate chip cookies.

Another thing that just makes me crazy is having to wait for new books to be published. I have a few authors that I’ve been reading for a long time that have new books coming out that are either the next installment in an ongoing series, or it’s the start of a new series. And of course… those books aren’t due to be out for months.


The curse of being a fast reader, is that I’ll finish a book really fast, and the next one in the series won’t be out yet. Sometimes (when my luck is really crappy) there isn’t even a solid release date for the book. It seriously makes me want to cry.

Current example: I just finished a few weeks ago (before I started this blog and being an active reviewer) Lori Foster’s Love Undercover series. it’s a set of four books that were published starting at the end of 2012. There were six to seven months between each book being released.

It. Was. Torture.

Her next series (Ultimate Knocks) has TWO books that will be coming out in August of this year and then the third book doesn’t come out until APRIL OF 2015. I’m pretty stoked for the first two books to come out in the same month, but I’m so not looking forward to waiting until next April for the last one. I love Lori’s work, so I’ll wait… but I’m going to pout about it.

Because I know this happens, and I know that books take time to be written, then edited and then finally published, I try to read a bunch of different series at the same time, that way, I’ll always have something coming out. Actually, I just try to read a bunch of books all the time because nothing is better to me than reading. Except maybe that chocolate chip cookie dough I mentioned earlier.

I’m sorry. I’ve got cookie dough on the brain. I don’t have any in my house, and one of my friends earlier mentioned that she was eating some… so now of course I want it. I’m not changing out of my comfy clothes to go brave Wal-Mart for it though.

I took myself to go see a movie today — the new X-Men one that just came out. I’m a huuuge fan of Marvel. I’ve watched all of the previous X-Men movies except for the second Wolverine one. Oops. I really liked the movie, the concept of being sent back in time was intriguing, and I thought they really pulled it off. Most of my favorite characters from the previous movies were back, which made me happy. Some of them were just cameos — no lines — but whatever. I got to see their faces. Because it’s a Marvel movie, I stayed after all the credits were over to see the post credits clip. If you DON’T do this after a Marvel movie… you’re missing out. There is ALWAYS SOMETHING AFTER THE CREDITS. Usually it has to do with the movie you just saw, or an upcoming one. This clip left me confused. I have no idea what it was for. Though, that might be because I haven’t read any of the comic books. Whoops.

After the movie, I skipped across town to my most favorite place. THE BOOKSTORE. I told Maisey Yates on twitter yesterday that I’d tweet her a picture of her new book if I could find it in stores. It took some searching (the booksellers were hiding it in the back -___- ) but I found it and accomplished my mission. I decided to buy it because hey… it was already in my hands… plus I haven’t read a physical book in a while. I tried to find Susan Mallery’s new Fool’s Gold book… but it was also nowhere to be seen. It was release day for BOTH books. There were some suspicious empty spots over by where Susan’s books are kept, so I’m thinking it got picked over before I made my way over there. I’ll be getting the eBook of that one, I guess.

My next review will probably be of Maisey’s new one I picked up today. It’s called Avenge me and it looks good. I actually tried to get an ARC copy of the book, but I never heard anything about it. I planned on reviewing it either way, so I’m still a happy camper.

Speaking of… it’s getting pretty late here. I think it’s time for me to go upstairs to bed and curl up with Mr. Austin Treffen from Avenge me. wpid-20140528_010720.jpg


I’m a sucker for covers and men in nice suits. Isn’t he cute? I think Austin and I are going to be great friends. I’ll let you know how he behaves. Talk to you later, loves.

– Cal


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