Rescued by the Buccaneer

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

rescued by the buccaneer

Published: March 3, 2014

Rescued by the Buccaneer — Normandie Alleman

This is the same author that wrote Daddy Morebucks. I received an email from her asking if I’d be interested in trying some of her historical romance novels, since I didn’t much like the Daddy/Little Girl kink in her other book that I reviewed. I enjoyed her writing style, so I said yes. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Rescued by the Buccaneer is still kinky. It’s not the same kink as the other one, but it still has some BDSM in the book between some of the characters. It’s not as heavy as some other books I’ve read, but it’s definitely there. 

Frederica Beauchamp is a young woman traveling to America from Europe with her best friend Cassandra. After her parents died, Frederica decides to move herself and her friend to the Americas to start over and try to restart their lives. 

Things do not go according to plan. Pirates (not at all like Captain Jack Sparrow) attack the ship the girls are traveling on. Frederica is the only one that is spared and is taken prisoner by the captain of the pirate ship. 

The Captain is a horrendous man. Most of the time he’s drunk and can’t do anything, but when he’s sober it’s not good news for her. Sometimes when he’s drunk it’s not so great either. She’s kept locked away in the captain’s quarters out of the view of the crew. He tries to rape her at one point, but because of wounds he sustained years before, he can’t…uh… preform. He beats her though, with is almost as terrible as the rape would have been. Maybe. 

After some times passes, a new passenger is taken aboard the ship. Gaston Galette is plucked out of the sea by the pirates and is sent to Frederica so that she can tend to his wounds. He’s intrigued by her because she’s young, pretty and the only woman on the ship. What were the circumstances surrounding her arrival to the ship? 

He turns on the charm and convinces her to meet him in the middle of the night on the deck when it’s most likely it will be deserted so that they could talk. Things happen that surprise her (in a good way) and she eventually agrees to help him with his plans for mutiny. 

The mutiny doesn’t go according to plan, and they’re both sent to Davy Jones Locker. Or rather… they’re tossed overboard. I can’t imagine that… being on a pirate ship and then being handcuffed, and THEN getting made to walk off a plank out in the middle of the ocean. I’m a pretty good swimmer, but I would have panicked. 

Gaston is able to get them both to shore and finds shelter. Their time on the beach is both sweet and hot. We don’t get a lot of his backstory, but even though Gaston has been through a lot in his life (I’m assuming he’s in his late twenties…maybe early thirties) he’s still able to be a nice person and takes into consideration Frederica’s feelings. He knows that a life with him on a pirate ship would not be an easy one, even if it’s something he would like. 

A few days after finding shelter on what they at first thought was a deserted island, Gaston learns that his ship that had been damaged in battle (which is why he was adrift at sea) was on the island being repaired. He’s reunited with his crew and sets about trying to distance himself from Frederica. 

I thought their reunion after he basically hid from her was hilarious. She might not be that experienced but she knows what she wants and she goes after it. She’s met with some resistance at first, but in the end things happen the way they should. 

Rescued by the Buccaneer was a short read just like Daddy Morebucks was. It actually might have been shorter. I wish it’d been a bit longer…so that we could see how life on the pirate ship was for both Gaston and Frederica. I really enjoyed it though, despite the shortness of the book. It’s well written and I seriously enjoyed watching Frederica grow into herself and discover more about herself. There were some characters that I didn’t like (like the evil captain) but I wasn’t supposed to like them. Gaston was a love. He’s a hard man, but he’s not bad. THOUGH — is it bad that whenever I read his name (or typed it now) I thought of the Disney movie The Beauty and the Beast? Yes? No? Maybe I’m just weird? 

Anyway, overall I really enjoyed the book. I’d read it again and I’d tell anyone that would enjoy a short, but hot read about one eyed pirates that they should pick up this book. 

10/10 would recommend. 


Until We Touch

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Until We Touch

Available: July 1, 2014

Until We Touch — Susan Mallery

I know that I just did a review of a Fool’s Gold book (Before We Kiss)… but I COULD NOT wait to read Jack and Larissa’s story in Until We Touch. I was too excited to see what happened with them. 

I loved this book. 


Larissa Owens is the masseuse for Taryn, Jack, Sam and Kenny and is also Jack’s personal assistant. When she’s not doing her assistant thing or giving them all massages, Larissa is saving the world… one animal at a time. 

She’s been slightly (sometimes more than slightly) made fun of for her love of helping those around her. It doesn’t matter if it’s a person or an animal… if it needs to be saved, Larissa is your girl. Sometimes those rescues backfire a little bit, but her heart is in the right place. 

Larissa’s mother pays Jack a visit and says things that change the dynamic between Larissa and Jack. I thought it was hilarious. After her mother’s declaration… both Jack and Larissa start noticing more about each other. 

Jack always knew that Larissa was a woman… but he never noticed that she smelled good. Or that her yoga pants that she favored were quite as tight as they are. Poor guy is freaking out. I totally admit that I laughed at him for most of the book. There were some parts that were funnier than others, but overall Jack was hilarious with how he acted once he realized how attracted to her he was. 

I loved their relationship once it finally started. There was a couple of times when I thought that they’d start actually having a relationship (other than being best friends) but it didn’t happen. They were perfect for each other. He supports her need to save things. Jack even goes as far as to let her store things (like a huge owl cage) in his house. Larissa loved him for who he was, not because he was some famous former football star. 

The friendship between Kenny and Larissa was so sweet to read. When Kenny first found out that things were happening between Larissa and Jack, he was not the most pleased individual. He’s been Larissa’s “older brother” in the office for years, and knows Jack’s history with women… so he warns Jack away. That whole conversation was hilarious. 

When things start to go bad between Jack and Larissa… it seems like the whole world goes to shit. Not only does Jack sabotage his relationship with her, but he also sabotages his relationships with the other important people in his life (Taryn, Kenny and Sam). 

I was shocked at how far Jack went with his self sabotage. I didn’t expect him to screw things up with everyone. I knew he’d probably mess up with Larissa (because that’s how these things go…) or maybe she’d mess up with him… but I didn’t to happen what actually happened. Thank you, Mrs. Mallery for that loop you threw me for. 

Even though I wasn’t expecting Jack’s reaction and the pushing away of everyone he loves… It turned out to be a good thing. He hurt a lot of people that he shouldn’t have, but the outcome wasn’t too horrible. 

The lengths that Jack goes to right all the wrongs he did was both hilarious and wonderful. He knew that he’d seriously messed up and that he’d have to do something MAJOR to make up for what he’d done. I was so impressed with everything he did… especially with Taryn to make things right. 

I think Kenny’s book is next (I hope!) and I can’t wait to see what happens with him. 

I looooved this book. I think I mentioned that already, but I loved it. It made me laugh, it made me mad, it made me almost cry… basically it was exactly what I looked for in a romance novel. 

Bravo, Mrs. Mallery. I think I liked this one better than Before We Kiss. Maybe. If I could, I would send copies of this book to everyone. Because y’all should read it. Seriously. Don’t miss this one. 

10/10 would recommend. 

Tempting Alibi

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Tempting Alibi

Published: August 19. 2010

Tempting Alibi — Savannah Stewart

When I saw this title on NetGalley I was intrigued. Super attractive former Marine who gets tongue tied when he gets within six feet of the heroine?? I need to see this. 

Tempting Alibi was a very short read. It was a shorter book than Trapped by a Dangerous Man and I thought that was a short read. Amazon estimated about sixty pages, but the application I used to read the book estimated it was less than that. It didn’t take me very long at all to read Tempting

Even though it was so short, I liked it. It wasn’t long enough to grab me by the heart strings like some books do, but it was an enjoyable read. 

Michaela and Scott are neighbors. In the seven months that they’ve been living next door to each other, they’ve barely spoken. He can’t seem to string enough words together whenever she’s around to have a conversation and she can’t tell if he likes her or not. 

Scott and Michaela grew up on complete different sides of the tracks. She comes from a very wealthy family and Scott was the resident bad boy when he was younger until he left to join the Marine Corp. Now he’s back in town, covered in tattoos and has opened his own car repair shop. 

Since coming back to town, Scott learns that the local Sheriff has it out for him. The older man is rude and mean. When the Sheriff accuses Scott of a crime, Michaela surprises everyone and claims that Scott couldn’t be the culprit because they were together all night. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Because she’s from a powerful family, the Sheriff backs off but tells Scott that he’s being “watched”. 

Michaela’s lie gives Scott the opportunity to finally bridge the gap between them and get to know her better. And by get to know her better, I mean have sex. Lots of sex. I was surprised that they didn’t jump right into bed together the first night they hung out. Well. They did jump into bed but they didn’t have sex. That comes later. (Like the next day). 

I loved the part when Michaela’s brothers come over to her house to fix some things for her and discover a half naked Scott in her kitchen. They’re clearly surprised and do some typical older brother posturing, which is always hilarious to read. I probably only find that kind of thing funny because I’m the oldest of my siblings and they live in another state… so they can’t do this to me. 

Because it was so short, there wasn’t much development in the relationship department. It’s kind of like we get the beginning of their relationship, but we don’t know if they end up getting married or engaged or whatever. You can infer that they’re heading in that direction, but nothing is concrete. 

I liked the book and would probably read it again if I was looking for a quick, sexy book to read. Though, to be completely honest if I hadn’t received an ARC copy of the book, I might have passed on it. In both the Amazon Kindle store and the iBook store this book is pretty pricey for how long it is. I haven’t ever really mentioned how much the books are before now, but this one struck me as a “what the what” type of moment. Most books that are this short are listed at $1.99 or less. The normal price I see for this length of book is $.99. That’s not the case for this book. It’s almost five dollars in the Kindle store and almost six in iBooks. WHY. 

Yes, I liked the book and I would read it again, but I would not pay that much money for a book that was this short. If you have a gift card for either one of those places, I’d recommend you use that (I probably maybe would have) but otherwise I probably would have passed. I know that not all authors have a say in what their books are listed as and it’s normally up to the publishers, but this is just crazy. I probably wouldn’t have mentioned this is the book was longer. 

Overall I liked the book. Didn’t love it, but enjoyed it. I’d give it a 7/10 because I wish the price was lower and that the story was longer. 

Tempting Meredith

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Tempting Meredith

Published: June 9, 2014

Tempting Meredith — Samantha Ann King

Before you start this book, I recommend that you go get yourself a glass of ice water. Actually. That’s not a recommendation. Just go get it. You can thank me later. 

Tempting Meredith was scorching. I’m sure my face turned bright red whenever a family member walked into the room while I was reading. I’ve never read anything by Samantha King before today. I’m rather upset with myself for not discovering her before now. I loved her writing style. 

The relationship between the main characters is a ménage. Two men, Charlie and Blaine, and Meredith. This isn’t the first ménage book I’ve read, and it definitely won’t be the last…but I think it was by far the hottest. I needed that glass of ice water to cool myself down more than once during the book. 

At the beginning of the book, we meet Meredith when she’s in college. She’s dating a guy named Dylan who convinces her to have a threesome with himself and his roommate Blaine. She agrees and things progress from there. What happens afterwards isn’t what anyone was counting on. Dylan breaks up with Meredith and Blaine moves away. 

Meredith is wickedly smart. She’s in her late twenties (twenty seven if I’m remembering right) and she’s a Ph.D. She doesn’t like not being in control, and she’s rather awkward sometimes in social situations. If she doesn’t like something, she’s vocal about it, same goes for the opposite. 

Meredith and Charlie meet at a gun range. Strange, right? She’s taking shooting lessons (for self protection) and he’s one of the instructors. I loved Charlie. Loved loved loved him. He’s quick to smile and has a wonderful sense of humor. When Meredith disagrees with him or decides to drive her own car separately when they go out to dinner, he tries to get her to ride with him, but ultimately leaves the decision up to her. 

I also really loved Blaine. He was flawed and hiding who he really was, but I just loved him. He knew that he’d made a mistake with Meredith when they were in college years before, but had no way of finding her after. When they meet again through Charlie, they’re able to eventually work through their past so that they can move onto their future. 

Meredith and Charlie seemed to have most of the m/f romantic interludes in the book. I think that makes sense since they were actually dating before she’s reintroduced to Blaine. Both Blaine and Meredith get their own alone time, but most of the interactions are with Blaine, Meredith and Charlie. I don’t see it too often in these ménage stories, but Blaine and Charlie had some time together too. In my opinion, it wasn’t vulgar. Sensual and erotic – yes. Vulgar? Not so much. 

Blaine’s sister annoyed the hell out of me with her reactions to their relationship. She was fine when she thought Meredith was only with Charlie, but once she started guessing that there was more to the relationship between the three of them, she was unsupportive and mean. I can understand that she might not like or understand the relationship, but it wasn’t her relationship. I don’t know, I just didn’t like her much. 

I LOVED Meredith’s family though. Her sister and brother-in-law were hilarious together, and everyone was supportive of Meredith’s relationship. I loved that. They had such an open mind for different kinds of love. 

Both Meredith and Blaine are hiding things from themselves and from everyone else for most of the book. I won’t go into what all of that is, because I don’t want to spoil everything

I had so much fun reading this book. I really, really enjoyed Samantha’s writing style…and loved her ability to bring Meredith, Blaine and Charlie to life in such a way that if they were real people, I could probably (maybe) pick them out on the street. I’ll be looking for more work by Samantha and I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next. 

10/10 would recommend this book. 

Trapped by a Dangerous Man

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Trapped by a Dangerous Man

Published: March 28, 2014

Trapped by a Dangerous Man — Cleo Peitsche

I’m back to reading new authors. I have discovered that I don’t quite hate first person stories. I’m just rather picky about them. Very picky. I wasn’t sure If I should put this one in the erotica category or not. It’s got some pretty…uhm… explicit stuff that happens between the two main characters. I couldn’t find it listed anywhere as erotica though. I’m going to give it that tag just to be on the safe side. 

That being said, Trapped by a Dangerous Man was written in first person from the perspective of Audrey Stroop. Her family’s business is bounty hunting and she takes great pride in being a hunter. Unfortunately for her and her twin brother Rob, they never seem to get the big bounties. When their father hears that one is available, it goes to one of the other men in the office. Never to Rob or Audrey. 

This book is the first in what looks like a three part series. Each book is completed (at least the first one was) and it looks like there aren’t any cliffhangers. Y’all know how much I hate those. The sequels are Wanted by a Dangerous Man and Saved by a Dangerous Man. They all look to be pretty short reads, and if they were combined into one book they’d probably be about the length of a normal novel. 

Trapped by a Dangerous Man was a really short read. Amazon said it was about ninety pages long, but the reading program I used estimated seventy. Either way, it’s short. 

I liked it though. Aubrey is about my age and she’s really impulsive. She discovers that there’s a man in the area that is at the top of the Most Wanted list. Corbin Lagos. The reward for his capture is two million dollars. She’s told that she can’t go after him because it’s too dangerous. Because he is too dangerous. 

So what does she do? She goes after him anyway. In a snowstorm. 

Her chain-less tires are no match for the rapid amount of snow that is falling from the sky and her car slides off the road and gets stuck. She’s claustrophobic. It’s not right out said that she is, but tight, enclosed dark spaces make her freak out. 

She fights her way out of her disabled car and tries to trek toward civilization in clothes that are not meant for trekking in the snow. The snow storm proves to be too much for her on foot and falls in the snow. She’s rescued from certain frostbite exposure by none other than Corbin Lagos. 

I didn’t know what to make of him at first. He’s gorgeous but totally dark and deadly. It isn’t really said at first what he’s wanted for, only that he’s done bad things and wanted for “various crimes”. I figured a guy who saves a woman he doesn’t know and keeps her from succumbing to the elements can’t be too bad of a guy. Right?!

Their chemistry is combustible. The heat that was between Corbin and Audrey was so intense that I don’t think they had to worry about freezing to death when the power went out. He was intense and dangerous sometimes with her, but he was also fun loving and sweet. He freaking waltzed her across the living room. WALTZED. 

I decided that Corbin is kind of like Jason Bourne. He’s dangerous and a man that does things that are not exactly inside the law, but he does things that need to be done. Once I made the connection in my brain to Jason Bourne, I loved Corbin so much more. 

We’re kind of introduced to Rob (Aubrey’s fraternal twin brother) at the beginning of the book. Other than that it’s just Aubrey and Corbin. Her father is mentioned a few times, but he doesn’t make an appearance. 

The end of the book is left open, but not hanging. If that makes sense. The way it’s set up makes me want to go read Wanted and Saved to see how they end up. I want them to make it, and I want to see more of Corbin. 

Wanted looks to be about twice the length of Trapped and Saved looks like it’s about the same length as this one. I’ll probably be buying them, just so I can see what happens. I completely liked this story. I do wish it was one complete book instead of set in installments, but beggars can’t be choosers. I did some looking around on the author’s website and it looks like there will be a fourth book in the series. I can’t find the name of it anywhere, but it looks to be released later this month (maybe). 

10/10 I’d totally recommend this one. 

Looking For Trouble

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Looking For Trouble

Available: July 29, 2014

Looking For Trouble — Victoria Dahl 

This wasn’t a new author for me! Well. Not completely new. I thought at first that this was the first thing I’d read by Victoria Dahl…but I did some checking on her website and was reminded that she was in an anthology with Lori Foster and Susan Donovan in 2011 that I read and I remember LOVING her story Just One Taste

Obviously I developed a case of stupid because it’s been three years since I’ve read anything by her. So much stupidity on my part. So. Much. Stupidity. 

I follow her on twitter, and I find Victoria hysterically funny. I know not everyone will like her brand of humor, but I just love her tweets. She’s probably not trying to make people laugh (or maybe she is, I don’t know) but I can’t keep the giggles contained. 

Looking For Trouble was amazing. The hero was drool worthy. He’s first described in the book as having a “lumberjack beard”. That alone is drool worthy for me. I’m such a fan of facial hair on men. He also shaves his head. I don’t normally go for bald looks, but a shaved head paired with a majestic beard? Sign me up. Plus, Alex Bishop has tattoos. Not just a little bit of tattoos, nope, he’s has a sleeve covering one arm and some covering his chest.  Now only if he was real. *sigh* 

Alex and the heroine Sophie Heyer have a past that’s intertwined and sad. They don’t meet each other until they’re adults, but as children both of their lives… and the lives of their families, were impacted by the same thing. Sophie’s mother and Alex’s father disappeared together when both Alex and Sophie were young children. The truth of their sudden disappearance isn’t discovered until twenty or so years after they disappear and the new knowledge rips apart both families more than just the fact that their loved ones were gone. Alex’s mother can’t handle the fact that her husband was having an affair with another woman in town, and then ultimately died with her. 

I felt so, so bad for both families. Sophie lost her mother at a very young age and has been tormented (mostly by Ms.Bishop) for most of her life just because her mother dared to have an affair with Alex’s father. Ms. Bishop refused to believe that her husband could be dead until the remains were found. She would pull both Alex and his older brother Shane out of school to take them on trip to try to find their father. This ended up proving too much for Alex, along with the fact that she was sick (mentally) and he leaves town after high school. 

Fast forward twenty odd years and you have where Looking For Trouble starts. Basically. Alex very reluctantly comes back to town because a memorial is going to be held for his deceased father finally. And when I say reluctantly? I mean very reluctantly. As soon as he rides into town on his bike (did I mention he rides a motorcycle?! Lawd) he proceeds to check into a shitty motel on the edge of town and then find a bar to get shit faced at. 

Sophie Heyer is one of my most favorite heroines I’ve read recently. I so seriously just loved her. She’s a librarian and she sends out this “I’m innocent” vibe to the world around her as a shield. She always makes sure that her clothes, while cute, are conservative. No plunging necklines or short hems. Poor Sophie looks just like her mother used to, so she keeps her appearance as far away from racy as possible. Under all of that though, Sophie is hiding a wild side. Garters and thigh-high stockings, racy underthings. I remember seeing a quote on pinterest (yes, I’m a pinner…sue me) that TOTALLY reminded me of Sophie. 

good girls are bad girls(Source)

I loved her backbone. She’s soft, but tough. When Alex acts like an ass later in the book, she stands up to his hulking self, defends herself and kicks him out of her house. I cheered and then wanted to hug her. She also knows how to admit when she’s wrong, and how to apologize… which are both very good qualities. 

The relationship between Sophie and Alex was hot. Whew. I’m surprised her house didn’t catch fire. They were exactly what the other person needed, even if they didn’t know it right away. They push each other to go outside their comfort zones and while that’s not always the most fun thing to do (I’m not talking about sex), it’s needed sometimes. 

Alex’s relationship with his family was sometimes a bit hard to read. It was hard to see him struggle with having to get to know his older brother again, and deal with his mother. She was sick. I don’t mean she was disgusting or she had a cold. Though, some of her behavior was disgusting. She totally (on more than one occasion) was slut shaming Sophie, who deserved none of her hate. I was SO happy when Mrs. Bishop got called out on her behavior with the slut shaming. It’s just not okay. 

We find out later in the book that she’s suffering from a B12 vitamin deficiency. I’m a Pharmacy Tech student, so I know that this is a real thing that happens. When I read that this was part of the reason for all her crazy behavior… it started to make sense. She also did/does have a mood disorder (or at least it was hinted at in the book) but the malnutrition due to the B12 deficiency makes sense too. 

I don’t think I can fully express how much I enjoyed this book. Victoria is a very talented writer. I felt like if I closed my eyes, I could see Alex’s tattoos or feel the cool breeze slap my face as I went for a ride on his bike. I could not put this book down. 


I wanted to hug Alex and Sophie, give his mother a “come to Jesus” lecture, adopt Pastel (cute kitten in the book) and move to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. As long as I can skip driving through Nebraska. 

Overall, like I said earlier I can’t really fully express how much I loved this one. If I could buy ALL the copies of the book and send it to everyone I know after it comes out, I would. I might need to win the lottery first, but after that I so would. This isn’t a book to skip, and this author isn’t either. If you haven’t read anything by Victoria Dahl, you need to take yourself to your favorite book buying place and fix that problem. 

10/10 would recommend this book to everyone and anyone. 

Testing The Limits

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Testing the Limits

Published: May 20, 2014

Testing The Limits — Kira Sinclair

This was a first read for me of this author. I think I’ve seen her books before in the Amazon Kindle store, but I don’t think I’ve purchased any of them. Which, after reading Testing The Limit I can see I’ve been having some bad purchasing skills. 

Like I’ve said before, I’m always a little cautious when reading books by authors I’ve never read before. I know that change is good…but change is also SCARY. 

This was not a scary change. This was a WONDERFUL CHANGE and I’m mad at myself for not reading anything by her in the past. 

Testing The Limits has a storyline I’ve seen (kinda, sorta) before. I say kinda sorta because it’s kind of similar but sort of not. The hero — Jace Hyland — is a former Army Ranger and professional badass. He’s covered in tattoos (…just drool over the cover with me. That’s Jace) and as a tattooed person, I love that. He also tries out MMA (mixed martial arts) which is just so cool to me. Our heroine — Quinn Keller — is a social worker with a temper. She’s pretty good about keeping it under wraps, but sometimes things go flying. Like a coffee mug. She’s the type that even when she receives notice that her house has been broken into and things destroyed she’s not crying… she’s pissed. She’s a little firecracker and I loved her. 

Quinn was Jace’s almost sister-in-law. I say almost because Jace’s younger brother Michael dies of kidney failure. Jace gives up a kidney to try to save Michael, but due to complications during the surgery Michael doesn’t make it. Jace blames himself for the loss of his brother and Quinn’s fiancé. 

Both Quinn and Jace have been dancing around each other since Michael died. He sneaks over while she’s at work and mows the grass at her house and repairs her shingles on her roof. All without her knowledge. That could have been super creepy, but you learn that he’s just trying to fulfill a promise he made to his brother to watch out for her. 

I’ve seen this kind of storyline before… or… I thought I had until I continued reading. 

Quinn isn’t just any social worker. She works with women and children that are being abused and need help. One of the women she helps has a very dangerous and well connected husband. After Quinn stashes Caroline away in a safe house, she starts getting visits from Caroline’s husband Warren. He doesn’t threaten her outright but he makes it pretty clear that he’s not a man to be crossed. 

That’s where Jace comes in. At first he stands in as a bodyguard for her and is able to try to keep his distance, but things happen. Some of those things are scary, and some of those things are sexy. The scary things are not the sexy things. But the scary things kind of lead to the sexy things happening. JUST SAYIN’. 

Normally with the type of story of almost brother and sister-in-laws getting together, there’s a lot of push back from the families. Not so much in this one.

I LOVED the responses from both Jace’s mother and father. It was so totally unexpected and so funny. Jace and Quinn weren’t expecting their responses and neither was I. I loved the Hyland’s. Loved, loved, loved them. 

I also loved the relationship between Quinn and Jace. They both have so much guilt that they’re dealing with. I loved that they both helped each other work through the guilt and get past it. They didn’t let the past control their future and their present. I was rooting for them both to make it and I was happy when they got their HEA. 

Warren was just pure evil. Evil evil evil. He tried to cover it up, but when someone is as evil as he was, it just seeps out of them and pollutes the air around them. There’s no hiding it. I was really happy when he got his comeuppance for all of his evil deeds. 

Overall, I really really really liked this one. It’s a bit shorter than the other books I’ve been reading lately, but it felt fully developed. We even got an epilogue! I love when there’s an epilogue. I’m definitely going to be keeping my eyes out for Kira’s other books. 

10/10 would recommend!