Last of the Red Hot Cowboys (Hell’s Outlaws)

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Red Hot Cowboys

Available: June 24, 2014

Last of the Red Hot Cowboys (Hell’s Outlaws)  — Tina Leonard

Once again, this was a new author for me. I thoroughly enjoyed her writing and I’m excited to read whatever else she puts out (or has already put out). 

Last of the Red Hot Cowboys was such a fun read. You have a super hot retired SEAL that’s now a cowboy — Trace Carter — who’s tough and a total asshat most of the time, but once you get to know him… he’s a sweetheart. Trace and his “brothers” Saint and Declan are all former military men who’ve come home to Hell, Texas (I just love the name of the town) to open up a training facility for barrel racing, horseback riding and other general horsemen stuff. 

The three men are referred to in town as the Outlaws, which just tickled me. These three aren’t really outlaws… they’re not bad guys, but they’re a little rough around the edges. 

Their direct competition in Hell is another training facility run by a group of men (including Declan’s brother) who are referred to as the Horsemen. These guys are not the type of guy you’d want to be alone with… well. Most of them anyway. They all rubbed me wrong and I didn’t like them at all

The mayor of Hell, Judy, brings in three women from around the country to hopefully start up a woman’s bullfighting team. The idea isn’t met with the most warm reception ever. Trace and the rest of the Outlaws are asked to train the women. The Outlaws (okay, mostly Trace) say no, that they can’t do that because it’s too dangerous. I can understand that. Have you seen a bull? They’re HUGE. Unfortunately for Trace, one of the women Judy’s managed to bring back to Hell to hopefully train to be a bullfighter catches his attention. Ava Buchanan isn’t about to let some sexist cowboy — no matter how sexy he is — tell her she can’t do something. 

I loved all of the secondary characters in the book. Judy and Sheriff Steel were hilarious with their romance. Cameron and Harper (the other women Judy brought to Hell) were annoying at times but were equally hilarious with their interactions with Saint and Declan. 

Judy is the queen of manipulation. Her real reasons for bringing the Hell’s Belles (Ava, Cameron and Harper) into town isn’t revealed until later in the book. I was kind of surprised, but not completely. After getting to know Judy’s character more, it kind of made sense. That woman has a the whole alphabet as a plan and back up plans. 

There were times I wanted to strangle Trace, but overall I just loved him. He never lied to Ava about if he would train her for bullfighting or not. He made his beliefs about it being too dangerous for women upfront from the start. I loved that. He was steadfast in his ideals, but not a liar. 

I was chuckling throughout the entire book. There were some points that just weren’t supposed to be funny, and they weren’t… but man. When there was supposed to be humor? HILARIOUS. I almost felt bad for some of the men in Hell. The women in town don’t take shit from anyone and the men know it.

Last of the Red Hot Cowboys was a high quality read and I can’t wait to see what happens to Saint and Declan… and the rest of the residents of Hell. I’ll definitely be looking for more by Tina Leonard. 

10/10 would recommend. 


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