From The Moment We Met

*This was a book I purchased. All thoughts about the book are my own. I have not been compensated in any way for my review* 

From the moment we met

Published: June 1, 2014

From The Moment We Met — Marina Adair

I have been eagerly awaiting this book. When I saw it was available in the kindle bookstore, my little fingers shot my mouse to the “buy now” button and clicked. Sample? What sample? I don’t need a sample of this book to know it’s going to be good. Amazon, you offend me by offering. 

Okay, I’m kidding. Amazon didn’t offer me a sample and I’m not offended. But I totally did buy the book without really reading anything about it first. I’ve read all the other books in this series, and so I kinda knew what this one was going to be about… and I needed it. 

If you haven’t read any of this series by Marina Adair, I suggest you go do that. There are four books before From The Moment We Met and while you could probably read these as a stand alone… I wouldn’t recommend it. Start with Kissing Under The Mistletoe and go from there. 

There are going to be four books (or at least it seem that way right now) after FTMWM. Though, those don’t come out until next year. So, I’ll have to do my least favorite thing ever, and wait. Meh. These books are so worth it though. SO WORTH IT. 

From The Moment We Met is about Abigail DeLuca, her meddling brothers, and Jack “Hard Hammer” Tanner. Abby’s brother’s stories are all in the books before this one… so if you read this one and are confused… go back like I said and start at the beginning. Poor Abs is the only girl of five kids. She has four older brothers and of course, because they’re older, they take great pleasure in meddling in her life. They have good intentions and are just trying to help… but their helping isn’t exactly helpful all the time. I loved that Abby got smart and brought her sisters-in-law in to help fix the problem. She can’t get her brothers to lay off on her own, so she brings in the heavy artillery. Each of the wives threatens her respective husband with things that will make him think twice before he opens his mouth. Things like… “no sex” and “apron burning”. The guys responses are HILARIOUS and the threats work like a charm. Abby is a smart cookie. 

Abby is a designer, but she doesn’t really get a chance to design all that much. Her family hires her to design things for them, but she can’t seem to find much work in town. Abby’s ex-husband was a cheater and a dickhead. He “worked with” (aka: slept with) half of the women in the town and ran off with the money of the other half of town and then disappears. I’m not talking about a little bit of money… oh no. Big numbers. With lots of zeros. Abs is pretty much shunned by most of the town because of Richard’s (the dickhead ex) misdeeds. Nobody can find him, which means nobody can find the missing money. 

There’s one man in town that doesn’t care about all of that, and just wants to be with Abby. He calls her the “Darling DeLuca”. Which I just love. He either calls her “Darling”, “Abby” or “Abs” but the majority of the time, it’s Darling. I loved it. Probably because most of the endearments that the heros call the heroines in these books are “babe”, “baby”, “honey” or “sweetheart”… so the “Darling” was a welcome change. Jack Tanner is a former NFL Hall of Fame winning football player with a Super Bowl ring to match. He’s big and badass and seriously such a sweet guy. He’s also one of the people that got ripped off by Richard, but he doesn’t care that much about it. All he really wants is Abby. 

Jack has a construction company in town (Tanner Construction) and is pretty much the town’s favorite son. Everyone loves him. The women want to date him, and some of the men want to be him. Jack is a pretty tall guy. Remember how I said he was big? At one point in the book, he squats down, puts his arm (ONE ARM) around Abby’s waist and stands up. Her feet are dangling in midair. Okay, so she’s also short… but he’s also like 6’ 5”. 

Their romance was just so cute. They had some romantic history in their teenage years, but things got in the way of them really being together then. He got drafted for the NFL, and she got married to someone else. Jack always knows what she’s capable of and supports her dreams. When a opportunity arises for Abby to put her designer skils to the test in town, and possibly rocket her to fame, Jack does what he can to help her achieve it. She also pushes him to realize his own dreams, instead of doing what he thinks he needs to do to make everyone around him happy. 

There are some bumps along the way. Richard finally makes a reappearance after being missing for seven years. Only problem is that he comes back as a statue. On Abby’s front lawn. So instead of being divorced like she thought, she’s actually a widow. The big project that Abby has been sinking all of her time and energy into almost falls apart because of a lie (not said by Abby or Jack). The brand new relationship also almost fell apart because Jack is an oaf (sometimes, but I still love him). 

Don’t freak out though. Everything turns out exactly how it should. The DeLuca brothers finally learn that meddling isn’t always helpful, Jack learns that he needs to do what’s best for him and not everyone else and Abby get’s her man. 

I cannot even express adequately how much I loved this book. I can’t wait for the next in the series and while yes, I will pout for the next ten months until the next book is released, I’m also still on a high from this book that I can’t be too upset. Ask me again in a week. 

The books that will follow this one are based around the DeLuca’s cousins the Baudouin’s. One of them is a cop. And they’re all just as attractive as the DeLuca’s. Mhmmm. Can’t wait

I would recommend this book to everyone. I kinda want to throw it at people and tell them that they have to read it…but that might be seen as assault. So I won’t do that. 

10/10 would TOTALLY recommend! 


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