Testing The Limits

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Testing the Limits

Published: May 20, 2014

Testing The Limits — Kira Sinclair

This was a first read for me of this author. I think I’ve seen her books before in the Amazon Kindle store, but I don’t think I’ve purchased any of them. Which, after reading Testing The Limit I can see I’ve been having some bad purchasing skills. 

Like I’ve said before, I’m always a little cautious when reading books by authors I’ve never read before. I know that change is good…but change is also SCARY. 

This was not a scary change. This was a WONDERFUL CHANGE and I’m mad at myself for not reading anything by her in the past. 

Testing The Limits has a storyline I’ve seen (kinda, sorta) before. I say kinda sorta because it’s kind of similar but sort of not. The hero — Jace Hyland — is a former Army Ranger and professional badass. He’s covered in tattoos (…just drool over the cover with me. That’s Jace) and as a tattooed person, I love that. He also tries out MMA (mixed martial arts) which is just so cool to me. Our heroine — Quinn Keller — is a social worker with a temper. She’s pretty good about keeping it under wraps, but sometimes things go flying. Like a coffee mug. She’s the type that even when she receives notice that her house has been broken into and things destroyed she’s not crying… she’s pissed. She’s a little firecracker and I loved her. 

Quinn was Jace’s almost sister-in-law. I say almost because Jace’s younger brother Michael dies of kidney failure. Jace gives up a kidney to try to save Michael, but due to complications during the surgery Michael doesn’t make it. Jace blames himself for the loss of his brother and Quinn’s fiancé. 

Both Quinn and Jace have been dancing around each other since Michael died. He sneaks over while she’s at work and mows the grass at her house and repairs her shingles on her roof. All without her knowledge. That could have been super creepy, but you learn that he’s just trying to fulfill a promise he made to his brother to watch out for her. 

I’ve seen this kind of storyline before… or… I thought I had until I continued reading. 

Quinn isn’t just any social worker. She works with women and children that are being abused and need help. One of the women she helps has a very dangerous and well connected husband. After Quinn stashes Caroline away in a safe house, she starts getting visits from Caroline’s husband Warren. He doesn’t threaten her outright but he makes it pretty clear that he’s not a man to be crossed. 

That’s where Jace comes in. At first he stands in as a bodyguard for her and is able to try to keep his distance, but things happen. Some of those things are scary, and some of those things are sexy. The scary things are not the sexy things. But the scary things kind of lead to the sexy things happening. JUST SAYIN’. 

Normally with the type of story of almost brother and sister-in-laws getting together, there’s a lot of push back from the families. Not so much in this one.

I LOVED the responses from both Jace’s mother and father. It was so totally unexpected and so funny. Jace and Quinn weren’t expecting their responses and neither was I. I loved the Hyland’s. Loved, loved, loved them. 

I also loved the relationship between Quinn and Jace. They both have so much guilt that they’re dealing with. I loved that they both helped each other work through the guilt and get past it. They didn’t let the past control their future and their present. I was rooting for them both to make it and I was happy when they got their HEA. 

Warren was just pure evil. Evil evil evil. He tried to cover it up, but when someone is as evil as he was, it just seeps out of them and pollutes the air around them. There’s no hiding it. I was really happy when he got his comeuppance for all of his evil deeds. 

Overall, I really really really liked this one. It’s a bit shorter than the other books I’ve been reading lately, but it felt fully developed. We even got an epilogue! I love when there’s an epilogue. I’m definitely going to be keeping my eyes out for Kira’s other books. 

10/10 would recommend! 


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