Trapped by a Dangerous Man

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Trapped by a Dangerous Man

Published: March 28, 2014

Trapped by a Dangerous Man — Cleo Peitsche

I’m back to reading new authors. I have discovered that I don’t quite hate first person stories. I’m just rather picky about them. Very picky. I wasn’t sure If I should put this one in the erotica category or not. It’s got some pretty…uhm… explicit stuff that happens between the two main characters. I couldn’t find it listed anywhere as erotica though. I’m going to give it that tag just to be on the safe side. 

That being said, Trapped by a Dangerous Man was written in first person from the perspective of Audrey Stroop. Her family’s business is bounty hunting and she takes great pride in being a hunter. Unfortunately for her and her twin brother Rob, they never seem to get the big bounties. When their father hears that one is available, it goes to one of the other men in the office. Never to Rob or Audrey. 

This book is the first in what looks like a three part series. Each book is completed (at least the first one was) and it looks like there aren’t any cliffhangers. Y’all know how much I hate those. The sequels are Wanted by a Dangerous Man and Saved by a Dangerous Man. They all look to be pretty short reads, and if they were combined into one book they’d probably be about the length of a normal novel. 

Trapped by a Dangerous Man was a really short read. Amazon said it was about ninety pages long, but the reading program I used estimated seventy. Either way, it’s short. 

I liked it though. Aubrey is about my age and she’s really impulsive. She discovers that there’s a man in the area that is at the top of the Most Wanted list. Corbin Lagos. The reward for his capture is two million dollars. She’s told that she can’t go after him because it’s too dangerous. Because he is too dangerous. 

So what does she do? She goes after him anyway. In a snowstorm. 

Her chain-less tires are no match for the rapid amount of snow that is falling from the sky and her car slides off the road and gets stuck. She’s claustrophobic. It’s not right out said that she is, but tight, enclosed dark spaces make her freak out. 

She fights her way out of her disabled car and tries to trek toward civilization in clothes that are not meant for trekking in the snow. The snow storm proves to be too much for her on foot and falls in the snow. She’s rescued from certain frostbite exposure by none other than Corbin Lagos. 

I didn’t know what to make of him at first. He’s gorgeous but totally dark and deadly. It isn’t really said at first what he’s wanted for, only that he’s done bad things and wanted for “various crimes”. I figured a guy who saves a woman he doesn’t know and keeps her from succumbing to the elements can’t be too bad of a guy. Right?!

Their chemistry is combustible. The heat that was between Corbin and Audrey was so intense that I don’t think they had to worry about freezing to death when the power went out. He was intense and dangerous sometimes with her, but he was also fun loving and sweet. He freaking waltzed her across the living room. WALTZED. 

I decided that Corbin is kind of like Jason Bourne. He’s dangerous and a man that does things that are not exactly inside the law, but he does things that need to be done. Once I made the connection in my brain to Jason Bourne, I loved Corbin so much more. 

We’re kind of introduced to Rob (Aubrey’s fraternal twin brother) at the beginning of the book. Other than that it’s just Aubrey and Corbin. Her father is mentioned a few times, but he doesn’t make an appearance. 

The end of the book is left open, but not hanging. If that makes sense. The way it’s set up makes me want to go read Wanted and Saved to see how they end up. I want them to make it, and I want to see more of Corbin. 

Wanted looks to be about twice the length of Trapped and Saved looks like it’s about the same length as this one. I’ll probably be buying them, just so I can see what happens. I completely liked this story. I do wish it was one complete book instead of set in installments, but beggars can’t be choosers. I did some looking around on the author’s website and it looks like there will be a fourth book in the series. I can’t find the name of it anywhere, but it looks to be released later this month (maybe). 

10/10 I’d totally recommend this one. 


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