Rescued by the Buccaneer

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

rescued by the buccaneer

Published: March 3, 2014

Rescued by the Buccaneer — Normandie Alleman

This is the same author that wrote Daddy Morebucks. I received an email from her asking if I’d be interested in trying some of her historical romance novels, since I didn’t much like the Daddy/Little Girl kink in her other book that I reviewed. I enjoyed her writing style, so I said yes. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Rescued by the Buccaneer is still kinky. It’s not the same kink as the other one, but it still has some BDSM in the book between some of the characters. It’s not as heavy as some other books I’ve read, but it’s definitely there. 

Frederica Beauchamp is a young woman traveling to America from Europe with her best friend Cassandra. After her parents died, Frederica decides to move herself and her friend to the Americas to start over and try to restart their lives. 

Things do not go according to plan. Pirates (not at all like Captain Jack Sparrow) attack the ship the girls are traveling on. Frederica is the only one that is spared and is taken prisoner by the captain of the pirate ship. 

The Captain is a horrendous man. Most of the time he’s drunk and can’t do anything, but when he’s sober it’s not good news for her. Sometimes when he’s drunk it’s not so great either. She’s kept locked away in the captain’s quarters out of the view of the crew. He tries to rape her at one point, but because of wounds he sustained years before, he can’t…uh… preform. He beats her though, with is almost as terrible as the rape would have been. Maybe. 

After some times passes, a new passenger is taken aboard the ship. Gaston Galette is plucked out of the sea by the pirates and is sent to Frederica so that she can tend to his wounds. He’s intrigued by her because she’s young, pretty and the only woman on the ship. What were the circumstances surrounding her arrival to the ship? 

He turns on the charm and convinces her to meet him in the middle of the night on the deck when it’s most likely it will be deserted so that they could talk. Things happen that surprise her (in a good way) and she eventually agrees to help him with his plans for mutiny. 

The mutiny doesn’t go according to plan, and they’re both sent to Davy Jones Locker. Or rather… they’re tossed overboard. I can’t imagine that… being on a pirate ship and then being handcuffed, and THEN getting made to walk off a plank out in the middle of the ocean. I’m a pretty good swimmer, but I would have panicked. 

Gaston is able to get them both to shore and finds shelter. Their time on the beach is both sweet and hot. We don’t get a lot of his backstory, but even though Gaston has been through a lot in his life (I’m assuming he’s in his late twenties…maybe early thirties) he’s still able to be a nice person and takes into consideration Frederica’s feelings. He knows that a life with him on a pirate ship would not be an easy one, even if it’s something he would like. 

A few days after finding shelter on what they at first thought was a deserted island, Gaston learns that his ship that had been damaged in battle (which is why he was adrift at sea) was on the island being repaired. He’s reunited with his crew and sets about trying to distance himself from Frederica. 

I thought their reunion after he basically hid from her was hilarious. She might not be that experienced but she knows what she wants and she goes after it. She’s met with some resistance at first, but in the end things happen the way they should. 

Rescued by the Buccaneer was a short read just like Daddy Morebucks was. It actually might have been shorter. I wish it’d been a bit longer…so that we could see how life on the pirate ship was for both Gaston and Frederica. I really enjoyed it though, despite the shortness of the book. It’s well written and I seriously enjoyed watching Frederica grow into herself and discover more about herself. There were some characters that I didn’t like (like the evil captain) but I wasn’t supposed to like them. Gaston was a love. He’s a hard man, but he’s not bad. THOUGH — is it bad that whenever I read his name (or typed it now) I thought of the Disney movie The Beauty and the Beast? Yes? No? Maybe I’m just weird? 

Anyway, overall I really enjoyed the book. I’d read it again and I’d tell anyone that would enjoy a short, but hot read about one eyed pirates that they should pick up this book. 

10/10 would recommend. 


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