Riding High

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Riding HighPublished: May 20, 2014

Riding High — Vickie Lewis Thompson

I’ve been a fan of Vickie Lewis Thompson since at least 2007. I fell in love with her Nerd series and read ALL of them. In fact, I think they’re at home sitting on my bookshelf in my room. Between my later teen years and now, I kind of got lost in the sea of books I was reading. When the Nerd books were over, I remember not picking up the next series because it was paranormal… and at that point in my reading life, I wasn’t into that (things have changed).

I didn’t realize until recently that she had a cowboy series out. A HUGE series. There’s like… at least fifteen books in this series. When I saw this book — Riding High — and that it was written by her, I knew I had to read it.

I was not disappointed.

I now know that I need to go back and add the other books in this series to my ever growing “to be read” list. I had forgotten how easy it is to fall in love with her characters and get wrapped up in the story.

In Riding High we have Lily King. She’s a free spirit and has recently taken over a horse sanctuary… without really knowing what all that entailed. Lily has a sweet spirit and has a hard time saying no to animals and people who are in need. That’s how she finds herself with twenty odd horses, two potbelly pigs, and several chickens. Because she could and because it made her happy, Lily paints her ranch house and the barn bright colors. And by bright I mean… if you’re looking for her place, you won’t miss it because of the brightly painted buildings. Her barn is pink with turquoise trim.

This is the first thing that Regan O’Connelli sees when he drives up to the gate of Lily’s place. Regan is a veterinarian, and the brother-in-law of one of Lily’s close friends. As a favor to Nick (Lily’s friend and his brother-in-law) Regan agreed to go to her ranch to check on her horses.

Their first meeting was interesting to say the least.

Her free spirit reminds him of his own parents (they’re very hippie-ish too), but her soft and sweetness draws him in. He can’t help but want to be around her and help her learn how to run her horse sanctuary. Lily’s attracted to the big veterinarian from the very beginning. If I remember it right, she compared him to Johnny Depp. I’d be attracted to him too. Though, when she learns that he’s had a recent broken engagement… she’s a little wary. Nobody likes to be the rebound.

I loved their relationship. It seemed so real and authentic. Lily was worried about being a rebound, but was able to get past that because she didn’t want to miss her chance at being with him. Her hippy ways that at first made him pause were part of the reason why he fell for her. They were both so good for each other. She was able to show him that holding onto anger, and never forgiving things that have happened in the past aren’t healthy… and it keeps you from moving on and forward. He was able to show her that she was stronger than she believed… that the world wouldn’t end if she grew a little back bone and said no once in a while to people. Letting the world walk all over you and take advantage of your good nature isn’t healthy either.

The growth in both of them was just amazing. I loved watching them change into better people for themselves and for each other. The background characters were a hoot. I’m sure once I read all the other books in the series, I’ll learn who everyone is.

I loved this book. I can’t state it any better than that. I just loved this book. The characters, Vicki’s writing… all of it.

This author isn’t one that you should skip over, and neither is this series. Don’t do what I did… start at the beginning so you can fall in love with everyone in the right order.

10/10 would recommend.


A Secret Colton Baby

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

A secret Colton BabyAvailable: October 7, 2014

A Secret Colton Baby — Karen Whiddon

I’ve been needing some cowboy in my life, so I decided to give A Secret Colton Baby by Karen Whiddon a try. I’ve never read anything by her before, but I like reading new authors.

This book started off with a bang. Not a sexual bang… but you jump right into the story from page one. There is no leading up to the drama or being introduced gradually to the characters. You’re basically thrown into the deep in and given little arm floaties.

Admittedly, it’s a part of a series about the same family (from what I was able to discover online) so I’m guessing that the author and publisher were thinking that people who pick up this book to read should already be familiar with the characters. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for me.

Not knowing really anything about the characters (because I haven’t read the other books in the series) didn’t really take anything away from my experience. Would have it been nice to have a little background at the beginning? Probably, yes. But I was able to get around that and still enjoy the book.

A Secret Colton Baby had so much going on in the book from the beginning. A woman brings a baby to Theo Colton’s ranch, claims he’s the father, and then leaves the baby in his care. A mysterious and deadly virus shows up unexpectedly in the small Wyoming town and takes the life of the baby’s mother. Theo’s new cook – slash – baby caretaker (Ellie Parker) has a few scary demons that she’s been running from, and Theo isn’t really sure he’s the baby’s actual father.

Oh. And martial law is declared and the CDC puts their entire town on quarantine.

Sounds exciting, right?

Like I said, there is A LOT going on in this book. Who is Ellie Parker’s stalker? Why is she being stalked in the first place? What is this mysterious virus that is killing people and making the CDC isolate the town from the rest of the country? Is Theo really baby Amelia’s daddy?

Ellie and Theo were a cute couple. They were frustrating though. Both of them had doubts about the other due to miscommunication… so for most of the book they danced around each other. And I do mean most of the book. They didn’t take their relationship to the next level until almost the end of the book. I’m not quite used to the main couple waiting that long, but the author made it work with all of the dancing around that she had them do. Once things heated up between them though… they really heated up.

I liked both Theo and Ellie. I don’t know if I necessarily loved them but I liked them a lot. I felt like Ellie was a little too unsure of herself and could have used an ego/confidence boost earlier in the story. I liked Theo but I wished he’d have spent less time thinking about how he and Ellie weren’t right for each other and more time thinking that they were.

Even with all of the extra stuff happening in the book, Karen Whiddon’s talent as a writer is strong enough that it didn’t get confusing and too complex. Though, I feel like if any other things had been thrown in… it would have been too much.

I got my happily ever after with Theo and Ellie, which I seriously appreciated. I didn’t, however, get any closure on what that mysterious virus was/is. Y’all know how much I dislike cliffhangers. I guess I’ll have to read the next Colton book to figure that one out.

All in all, the book was a good read. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever read… but I think part of that was because it was a part of a series that I’d never read and that there was just so much going on in the story. I liked it, but didn’t love it. If Karen Whiddon’s writing wasn’t as strong as it is… I’m pretty sure the story would have fallen apart.

8/10 would recommend.

Christmas With A SEAL

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Christmas With A SEALAvailable: October 21, 2014

Christmas With A SEAL — Tawny Weber

Okay, okay. I know it’s still August… so it’s really early for Christmas themed books. BUT IT’S ALMOST SEPTEMBER and I couldn’t say no to this cover, okay? Could YOU say no to this hunk on the cover smoldering at you? I didn’t think so.

This book was a GREAT follow up to A SEALs Fantasy. Seriously. It was just SO GREAT. I don’t think I realized when I first requested this title to read and review (or maybe I did and I just forgot…which is possible) that it was the book set directly after A SEALs Fantasy.

In this book we have Phillip Banks (Lara’s brother from the last book). He’s Dominic’s commanding officer and has the call sign of “Sir”. Not just because he’s higher ranking… but because he’s also rather ridged and set in his ways. He likes things to go according to plan and isn’t very happy when they don’t. Part of that is from being a SEAL… and part of that is from growing up in an über conservative family.

There’s also Frankie — Francesca — Silvera. She’s a close friend of Lara and the granddaughter of the Banks’ housekeeper. Frankie is a free spirit. She loves color and things that sparkle. Frankie had a very successful jewelry business before her muse up and left her… so now she’s stuck living with her grandmother and making weird christmas ornaments. Unfortunately for Frankie, she’s also a little bit afraid of things going badly after they’ve started off great. So she’s a bit of a self-sabotager. Yup. I made up a word. Deal.

The meeting between Frankie and Phillip at the beginning of the book was fabulous. She knows who he is… but he has no idea who she is. Phillip was the star of her childhood and teenage hood fantasies, so when she sees him at Lara’s wedding (sorry if that’s a spoiler) she’s in for a bit of a shock… and a surprise because she’s still got a bit of a crush on him.

I loved their interactions in the beginning. She could tell that he wasn’t exactly thrilled to be where he was, but was there out of duty… and that he had some seriously dark shadows in his amazing green eyes. All poor Phillip knew was that there was all of a sudden this sassy, spunky, sexy redhead in his face tempting him. Tempting him to forget. Tempting him to losen up and have some fun.

Their relationship wasn’t perfect… but it was just right for them. Phillip was able to teach her that failing at something wasn’t the end of the world. That’s what backup plans are for. Frankie was able to show him that Christmas isn’t just another day on the calendar… and that loosening up and throwing some sparkle into his world wouldn’t make things worse. They might just make things better.

I was really happy to get to catch up with Lara and Dominic from A SEALs Fantasy. I’m always a happy camper when authors have connected stories and bring back the previous characters for even just a little bit. It’s like getting to see old friends.

Tawny Weber crafted another amazing story that I couldn’t put down. Seriously. I started to read Christmas With A SEAL and didn’t move except to find a more comfortable spot on my couch with my laptop (the kindle is charging…) and to tap the down arrow. That’s it. I ignored my cat when she gave me her “it’s past your bedtime” look and didn’t look at my phone to respond to text messages until after I was done reading it. That’s the talent of Tawny Weber. She has the ability to draw you into her books and you’re held captive until the last page.

I’d completely give this book a 10/10 recommendation. I can’t wait to see what is next from her.

Fanning The Flames

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Fanning The FlamesPublished: July 1, 2014

Fanning The Flames — Victoria Dahl

This is a short story. Short. Very short. But oh so good. It’s a prequel in her Jackson: Girl’s Night Out! series set before Looking For Trouble. If you read that book, you’ll know who the characters are in this one.

Lauren Foster is a librarian in her town and a divorcée with a son in college and is finally getting the urge to live life. No empty nest syndrome for this momma. The only problem is that Lauren is starting to feel her age. Dating and hooking up is apparently WAY different in your forties than it is in your twenties (according to Lauren).

Jake Davis is a widower and the town’s fire captain. His grown daughter Annabelle is engaged to be married to one of the men at his station and he’s having a bit of a hard time dealing with it. Kind of. Mostly he’s having a hard time with people telling him that it’s time to “get back into the saddle” and to start dating. He’ll do that when he’s ready, thank you. And not when his daughter suggests it.

Both Jake and Lauren see each other quite often. It’s rather inevitable because the firehouse and the library are in the same big building. They also grew up together in the same town. Jake is best friends with Lauren’s ex-husband and Lauren was friendly with his late wife and went to Annabelle’s birthday parties. They aren’t strangers.

Increasingly it has gotten to be difficult for Lauren to keep her eyes off of Jake. Especially when he goes for his runs. Shirtless. In the August heat. Yeah, baby. I would probably have a hard time keeping my eyes off of him too.

When Sophie (from Looking For Trouble) convinces Lauren to go out with her for a girls night on the town, everything changes. Jake gets a glimpse of Lauren in her Little Black Dress and kind of basically loses his mind.

The entire book was hilarious and hot. Even though it was short, it had everything I look for in my regular length romances. If I had read this one before I read Looking For Trouble (which is what you should do…) then I would have definitely wanted to read LFT. I loved it.

Lauren was a woman who knew who she was and what she wanted in life…and wasn’t afraid to ask for it or go after it. She was sassy and bold and herself. Jake was the guy who when you see him, you just know that he’s got it going on. He gives off an air of “I know what I’m doing” and also knew what he wanted from life. They were perfect for each other, in my opinion.

I wish that their story had been longer, but now I need to go re-read Looking For Trouble because of reasons. I wonder if Annabelle’s story will be next in the series. Hmm. *fingers crossed*

I completely recommend this one. If you’re looking for a short, but hot read that you can finish easily in one afternoon… then this is a book for you.

10/10 would recommend.

It’s In His Kiss

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

It's In His KissAvailable: August 26, 2014

It’s In His Kiss (Lucky Harbor) — Jill Shalvis

I have to admit that I have a short list of authors that are instant buys for me. I’ve read enough of their books and have loved each and every one of them to the point that I don’t read the synopsis’s of their new books anymore before I buy them. Or in this case… request them on NetGalley.

Jill Shalvis is one of those authors. It’s probably bad to admit all that, but I had to be honest. I started reading her Lucky Harbor series forever ago (okay… about four years ago, but it feels like forever ago). I’ve also read her other two series Animal Magnetism and The Wilder Series. Each and every book in any of these three series of hers that I’ve read I’ve loved.

This book was no different.

I always seem to find myself getting more emotionally invested in book characters than is probably healthy, but it’s pretty rare that a book makes me cry. Okay. Almost cry. That’s happened once or twice before with Jill’s books. I’ll get to a part in the book where tensions and emotions are running high for the two main characters and I have to put the book down and compose myself. Take a deep breath. If that hasn’t ever happened to you while reading a book, then you have NO IDEA what I’m talking about and I sound like I’m crazy.

It’s In His Kiss made me have one of those moments where I had to compose myself. Except… I was so engrossed in the story, in what was happening between Becca and Sam that I couldn’t close my computer. I DIDN’T CRY. But I almost did. My eyes may have gotten a little watery, and I may have said out loud “DAMNIT JILL”. But I DID NOT cry.

Why did I almost cry? Because this book is fabulous. It’s In His Kiss is the TENTH installment in Jill’s Lucky Harbor series. In it, we have Becca Thorpe and Sam Brody… also known as The Peeper and Sexy Grumpy Surfer respectfully. Becca is new to Lucky Harbor and from the moment she blows into town, things change. Sam has been a Lucky Harbor resident from the time he was a teenager, and everyone knows and loves him. They meet in passing on a beach at the beginning of the book… with Sam overhearing Becca talking to herself. It was very funny.

I loved Becca Thorpe. She might be my most favorite lead female character I’ve read so far this year. She’s sassy, strong and doesn’t let Sam Brody intimidate her. Much. She’s also scarred. Flawed. But so full of life. She felt real. If Lucky Harbor was a real place that I could visit, I would. And I would try my best to get Becca Thorpe to be my best friend. Life hasn’t always been very kind to Becca, but she doesn’t let all of that baggage weigh her down.

Sam Brody was also a love of mine. Who wouldn’t love a brooding, growly, sexy alpha surfer dude? I know I would. And did. Sam has a way of saying things, without actually saying anything. When he cares about someone and let that person into his circle (very small circle) he’d go to the ends of the world for that person. The man made a coffee machine work by sweet talking it. Lucky coffee machine.

The interactions between Sam and Becca were all kinds of great from the very beginning. They just clicked. He just seemed to know her and was able to read her moods with seemingly little effort. Sam was able to show her that she could trust herself, and that she was capable of so much more than she thought. I loved that. Becca was able to teach Sam that love wasn’t a dirty word, and that letting people in wasn’t a bad thing. They were so good for each other.

The thing I love the most about series like this one is that you get to see characters (even if it’s a brief mention) from previous books. It’s like checking up on old friends.

Cole and Tanner (Sam’s best buddies — aka “the ladies”… don’t ask. Just read the book. You’ll understand soon why they’re called that) were hilarious and I loved them. LOVED THEM. They fit in great with Becca and Sam’s characters in the book and were just so fun to read throughout It’s In His Kiss.

The eleventh book looks like it’s going to be Cole’s story. I went ahead and read the blurb for that one and I CANNOT WAIT. Just from that little bit I read, I just know it’s going to be another hit.

I love Jill’s writing. I think she’s an amazingly talented author and I’ll read whatever she puts out. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a book or a blog post on her website (which are hilarious by the way… you should go read her “I Love Lucy” and “Conversation” posts). She has this ability to pull you in and make you fall in love with not just the main characters of her book, but the secondary characters and everything that is associated with the book. The town, the pets… whatever. You’ll be pulled in before you’ve realized it and by that point, it’s too late.

I haven’t found a book of hers yet that I haven’t read in one sitting. Putting down one of her books after I’ve started reading it is almost painful.

I’m not sure there are enough words in the English dictionary to describe how much I loved this book and how much I want all of you to read it.

10/10 would recommend.

Never Been Kissed

*This was a book I purchased. All thoughts about the book are my own. I have not been compensated in any way for my review*

Never Been KissedPublished: July 1, 2014

Never Been Kissed (Boys of Bishop) — Molly O’Keefe

I think after reading this book, I’ll only have ONE book left in Molly’s Boys of Bishop series to read. Until she writes more of them, of course (or if she does…).

I realized today after double checking to see just how many books were in her series that I’ve read almost the entire series…out of order. Excuse me while I facepalm. I hate reading books out of order…but this is what I get for not doing more research. Good job, me.

Never Been Kissed is the SECOND book in her Boys of Bishop series. Between The Sheets comes after this one (the first book of her’s that I reviewed on my blog) and Indecent Proposal is book number FOUR (the last book that I reviewed by Molly). So now all I’m missing is book number one. It’s already been added to my very long “to be read” pile.

Just like the last two books I read by Molly, I loved this book. Loved. This. Book. I had already been introduced to the characters because of the first two books I’d read (which come after this one — again — OOPS)… so I kind of had a feeling of who Ashley and Brody were.

Though, just because I had been introduced to both of them previously, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to get to know them and learn their story. Because I did. Badly. I had zero willpower (again) and bought this book right after finishing Indecent Proposal. Because I had to.

Have you ever found a new author or book series and just fallen so in love with it that you have to have ALL of the book that are in that particular series or that particular author has written? That’s what’s happened here. I needed these books and I’m going to be SO SAD when they’re over.

In Never Been Kissed, we have the younger sister of Harrison (Harry) Montgomery from Indecent Proposal. Ashley Montgomery isn’t a politician like her older brother… but like him, she does want to make the world a better place. To make strives towards meeting that goal of helping the world (and probably also to get away from her mother), Ashley goes to Africa to do some humanitarian aid work. She’s a brave woman. There are places in that part of the world where this kind of aid is desperately needed, but it’s such a dangerous environment that not everyone can or would go.

While Ashley is in Africa, she and a friend that she makes while volunteering (another woman) take a short holiday cruise to recharge their batteries. This is where things go wrong. Remember when I said that this part of the world was dangerous!?

PIRATES. There are PIRATES there. I’m not talking about the Captain Jack Sparrow (he could kidnap me whenever he liked) type of pirate. These particular types of pirates are Somali Pirates. They typically go after shipping containers (Think the movie Captain Phillips) but are also known for going after wealthy Americans and other foreign nationals. That’s what happens to the girls.

Both Ashley and her friend Kate are kidnapped by the pirates and held captive for weeks. Their families are notified and ransoms are demanded before the girls will be allowed to go free.

That’s where Brody Baxter comes in.

Ten years before Ashley and Kate meet, become friends and are kidnapped in Africa, Brody had worked as a security guard for the Montgomery family. He and his team were tasked with the job of keeping the Montgomery’s safe. Ashley during that time, developed one hell of a crush on Brody. He’s this big badass man who is also very kind and sweet. Doesn’t seem to play the same type of games that most of the people in her world — her politician father’s world — like to play. He’s real. Her seventeen year old heart just about sent her into heart failure when he was around.

When she finally gets up the nerve to make a move on Brody, things go from bad to worse. He’s a bit older (I can’t remember by how much) and employed by her family. When she makes her move, he doesn’t react. Can’t react. That’s the bad part. The part that hurts Ashley’s young heart. The worse part is that her mother discovers them with her lips connected to his.

Ashley is led to believe that she got Brody fired from the job (she didn’t, he quit) and is even more heartbroken.

Fast forward back to the present time and Harrison Montgomery (after being notified that she has been kidnapped) knows that there is only one man that could bring her back safely. Unfortunately, it’s been ten years since Brody and Harrison last saw each other and neither man is particularly a big fan of the other. When Brody learns that it was Ashley that is in trouble, he immediately agrees to do whatever he can to help. For her.

Brody storms in to save the day and sweeps the battered Ashley away from the hell hole she’d been staying in. Ashley and Kate had been separated not long after they’d been taken, so Brody couldn’t take them both home. After a trip to a hospital to be patched up, and a long flight back stateside, Brody finally gets Ashley home.

Within hours of being home, Mrs. Montgomery makes an appearance and tries to persuade her daughter into doing television appearances and interviews to help her brother’s campaign. Since Ashley is just barely on the road to recovery, she refuses the “requests” her mother makes. But, knowing that her refusal won’t mean much to her mother for long, Ash knows she needs to get away from her family to give herself time to heal and get back to “normal”.

That’s where Brody comes in (again) to save the day.

He knows that Ashley will leave town with or without him, and with the concussion she has (plus other injuries) she can’t be by herself. So… he agrees to help her hide, and takes her to the one place that he knows none of the Montgomery’s will look for her.

Bishop, Arkansas.

This is where the story really takes off. We get to meet the main background characters and fall in love with them just like we (and by we I’m totally talking about myself) have started to fall for Brody and Ashley. We’re introduced to Brody’s younger brother Sean and their dad Ed…who along with his wife adopted Brody when he was a small child. We also get to meet Cora and get a peek at Wyatt and Shelby from Between The Sheets.

The chemistry and connection between Brody and Ashley gets to deepen and grow while they’re in Bishop. They take their relationship, which is defined by intense attraction, but isn’t really a friendship to the next level. It’s apparent to everyone that comes into contact with them that there is something magical happening between them, even if they can’t see it for themselves at first.

I loved the banter between Sean and Cora. Their relationship was just great. Miscommunication and jealousy kept them from really getting to know each other, but once they were able to work past all of that and really get to know each other, things for them just clicked. I loved that Brody was able to pick up on the tension between the two of them, and guess the reason behind it before they figured it out.

Once Ashley is finally starting to feel healed, and her stitches come out, the happy bubble she’s been in starts to deflate. Things happen and she has to go back home to deal with things. Brody learns some things about some people he’d protected in the past that could potentially ruin his future career and Ashley’s (plus Harrison’s) futures if things go too sideways. When Harrison learns about Brody’s issue, he makes it clear that whatever was happening between his sister and the other man need to stop. Pronto.

Basically, Harrison is a big brother and is trying to protect his little sister (AND HIMSELF… politicians.. ugh) and ends up doing more harm than good. Which is typically what I notice happens when brothers stick their noses in their sisters romantic business.

Both Brody and Ashley have to do some serious soul searching, but things end up happening just exactly the way that they should. I really loved the ending. Okay, I really loved the whole book, but I really loved the ending.

Like I’ve said with each of the other books in this series, you shouldn’t miss this one. Though, don’t do what I did. READ THEM IN ORDER. You’ll get to meet everyone in the right time and fall in love with them like you should.

The first book in the series, for those that want to read them in order (like I should have) is Wild Child. I’ve already bought it (Amazon is so handy) and it’s on my “To be read” list. Which is long. Very long.

Anyway. Don’t skip over this book… OR this author. Molly has a magical way of creating characters that have so much LIFE to them that you can’t believe that they aren’t real. I wish Brody was real… and maybe Wyatt too.

10/10 would recommend this book to everyone.

Hard Knocks

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Hard KnocksPublished: August 4, 2014

Hard Knocks (The Ultimate Series) — Lori Foster

I’ve made no secret of my love of Lori Foster. Her books are probably the reason why I started reading romance in the first place, and I remember when her first book about MMA fighters came out. I devoured those books. I own them all in paperback and I’m surprised they haven’t fallen apart.

When I found out that she was going to do a second MMA fighters series, I was so excited. SO EXCITED. From what I understand, these books will be in the same “world” as the first MMA books, but it’s new characters (but there is some names mentioned from the old books).

Hard Knocks is a GREAT introduction into the new Ultimate series. It’s a novella, so it’s short, but it’s still soooo good. Kind of like a fun sized candy bar. Still all the deliciousness of a regular sized candy bar, but in smaller packaging.

In Hard Knocks we get a brief introduction to some of the main characters from the series. Cannon “Saint” Colter (who’s story is the first book in the series No Limits) and Denver “Predator” Lewis (from the second book Holding Strong). That’s not all we get though. We also get a glimpse… a tease of the beginning of the real relationship between Harper Gates and Gage “Savage” Ringer.

The story of Hard Knocks takes place over the span of just a few hours (remember — it’s a novella…so it’s supposed to be short) and because of this we don’t get the full in depth story of Harper and Gage.

Like I said earlier… it’s a fun sized candy bar. It’s got all of the sexy and sweet I’ve come to expect with Lori’s stories and it left me wishing it was a full sized candy bar.

Within the span of (roughly according to Amazon’s page count system) sixty pages, I fell a little bit in love with Gage and Harper. That’s the talent of Lori. Give her sixty pages and you fall a little bit in love… if you give her twice that amount, you’re a goner.

I’m hoping to see more of Gage and Harper in No Limits… and I’m also hoping to see a few characters from the older MMA books. It’s been nice to read the names of characters I fell in love with years ago in a newer book, but catching up with them would be nice. I’ll just have to wait and see what Mrs. Foster has up her sleeve for this series.

I can’t wait to dive into No Limits and be reintroduced to Cannon. If you’ve been a reader of Lori’s you will remember him from Getting Rowdy from her last series. I loved the little bit I got to know him in that one, and I was so excited to hear that he’s getting his own shot at a story in this new series.

I wouldn’t miss this prequel to The Ultimate Series or the books that will follow it.

Great things sometimes come in small packages. Hard Knocks is an example of that.

10/10 would recommend.