Taken By Tuesday

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Taken by TuesdayAvailable: August 12, 2014

Taken by Tuesday — Catherine Bybee

I have to admit, I’ve been waiting for this book. I’ve read all the other books in her Weekday Brides series: Married by Monday, Wife by Wednesday, Fiancé by Friday, and Single by Saturday… and all of her books in her Not Quite series. Each of the books in her Weekday Brides series could probably be read as stand alones… but I don’t recommend it. I think I’ve said that once or twice before (the not recommending to read each book alone thing) but this time I REALLY mean it. Start with the first one (they don’t go in order of weekday) — Wednesday and then go in order (still not in order of weekday) — Monday, Friday, Saturday and now Tuesday.

If you have OCD…that might make you twitch. The books make up for that though!

I’m not going to give a run down of the previous four books…that would make my post SUPER long and nobody would read it. That would make me sad. Just let me say that you should go read them. They’re fabulous and I re-read them. I don’t re-read books often…but I do with these.

In Taken, we have Judy Gardner and Rick Evans. Judy is the younger sister of the hero of the last book, Single by Saturday. That hero is Michael (Gardner) Wolfe. He’s a movie star and very rich and famous. Read Single to learn more. Judy moves from Seattle to LA after finishing college with a degree in architecture with her best friend Meg (who has a business degree)..and while the girls are trying to find jobs in LA, they are lucky enough to be allowed to stay at Judy’s brother Michael’s house. Lucky girls. Rick Evans is a former Marine and now a body guard. He served with and now works with the hero (Neil) from Fiancé by Friday.

Now do you see why I said that I don’t recommend to read these books separately?


Rick and Judy meet in the last book (Saturday) and are attracted to each other fiercely, but don’t act upon it. There was so much else going on that nothing besides some flirting ever happened. Rick comes up with two nicknames for Judy… one is to annoy her and one is out of love (I think)… Babe and Utah. The babe never fails to ruffle her feathers. She calls him Green Eyes in return for the Utah moniker.

The chemistry between Rick and Judy is so intense. They dance around each other for a while, which is mostly her doing. He’s made himself very clear about his attraction and his desire to take her out on a date. She’s the one holding back.

When she finally decides to go for it and take a chance with Rick, tragedy strikes. She’s attacked while leaving work to go home to get ready for her date with Rick. From this point on, pretty much everyone in both Rick and Judy’s lives pick up on the sparks that jump between the two of them. He spends almost every night with her in the hospital. He’s this big badass former Marine and he was just so sweet with her.

The police are sent on the chase to find the attacker, and because of his military and security background, Rick is their number one suspect. We (the readers) know it wasn’t him…and Judy plus her family know it wasn’t him, know that he would never attack her, but convincing the police of that is harder than it seemed.

Until Judy and her roommate Meg stumble across a law while searching online for ways to get Rick out of the slammer. Spouses don’t have to testify against each other. Both women know that without her testimony, the courts and police can’t hold Rick. So Judy does what any smart woman does… she marries him. Rick is shocked of course when his lawyer tells him what’s going on while he’s in jail, but he’s also thrilled that 1) He’ll get to get out of jail (can’t blame him there) and 2) He’ll be married to Utah. Of course he signs the marriage certificate.

The blow back from Judy’s family…mainly her dad… was heartwarming and also annoying. Not annoying to me. Annoying to Judy. Poor girl. Who wants their dad to show up on their doorstep and tell them that they’ve messed up by getting married? Not I.

The “who dun it” aspect of the book was something I loved. I had kinda guessed who it might be, but I wasn’t able to completely guess the attacker. It kept me on my toes and added an extra layer to an already fabulous book.

All of the relationships between the main characters and the secondary characters are just so great. When a couple is in love…you can almost feel it flowing from the page (or your computer/device screen) at you. Catherine Bybee has a wonderful writing style and an amazing gift for creating characters that are unique and truly lovable.

I loved Rick and Judy and I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series. I wonder if it will be Thursday or Sunday next… Maybe it’ll be Meg’s story? Either way, I’ll be reading it and loving it.

10/10 would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone that loves a sweet romance with a bit of a twist of suspense.


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