Judgemental Kitty Problems.

I know I’ve mentioned her once or twice on here (and/or on my twitter) but I have a cat.

She’s just over a year old and she’s a handful.



This is my sweet (mostly) Lindy. I rescued her from a shelter when she was about three months old. She was TINY when I got her… and now she’s huge. Lindy has become QUITE judgemental since turning one. I mean. Look at that face. She’s judging.

It’s almost five in the morning…and I should be sleeping. I know that. The internet knows that. Lindy knows that. She’s very upset that I’m not currently horizontal and sleeping. I’m completely blaming Game of Thrones for my “still awake” state. HBOGo wouldn’t load the episode I wanted to watch…and then it finally decided to play nice… and then I had to watch all the “behind the scenes” for ALL of the episodes I’ve already watched. Which.. y’know… takes some time. Hence the five AM thing.

So… CURRENTLY, my beloved furbaby is sitting on the ground next to my bed. Staring at me. It’s dark in my room except for the light coming from my MacBook and from my TV screen (I have to have some light on when I sleep… I’m slightly weird, okay). Basically what I’m trying to describe to you is that it’s REALLY dark in my room. Out of the corner of my eye all I can see is the reflection from the TV in her two little yellow eyes.

Of course when I turn my head to look at her, she’s got her judgy face on. If you have a cat, you know what I’m talking about. She’s just sitting there, staring at me. Judging because I’m still awake. Or maybe she’s judging because I’m awake and I won’t play with her. Either way, I can feel the judgement.

Cats. So judgemental. But also so cute and sometimes cuddly.



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