Riding Home

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Riding HomePublished: August 1, 2014

Riding Home — Vicki Lewis Thompson

I know I sad that I was going to go and read all the books in this series that came before the last book I read of hers (Riding High)… but that obviously hasn’t happened.


This book was in my “to be read” pile… and I saw it… and then I realized that it was set after Riding High… and I had to read it. I JUST HAD TO. I’ve realized (of course) after reading this one that there is a book in between Riding High and Riding Home. Oops. Why do I even try to read books in order anymore?

I loved this book. From the start, I loved it. I couldn’t help myself.

In Riding Home…we have Jeannette Trenton and Zach Powell. Part of me at first didn’t want to like Jeannette. She’s Regan’s ex fiancé (Riding High) and the reason that she’s an ex is because she cheated on him. With his best friend. Sorry if that was a spoiler…but it’s in all of the descriptions of the last three books in the series. So it’s not exactly a secret.

So, knowing what I know about Jeannette… and knowing how much I just loved Regan’s character… I really didn’t want to like her at first. I just didn’t. I have a very low opinion of people who cheat…so I didn’t think that I would ever like her. I was wrong. I mean, I still totally don’t agree with her actions, but I forgive her (but only because Regan is with Lily now and things are EXACTLY how they should be).

Throughout the course of the book… I couldn’t help but start to like her. By the end of it, I kind of loved her even. Flaws and all. She’s spunky and southern (hello, I’m southern too), and also very sweet. She knows that she made a huge mistake with Regan and travels to Wyoming to set things right between them. Not to get back together with him, because she know’s that he’s perfectly happy with Lily now, but just to clear the air… apologize. So she takes a short weekend vacation from the law firm where she works in Virginia and heads to Wyoming to make things right. Which is easier said than done.

And then there’s Zach Powell. Former hotshot California lawyer, who is now a ranch hand on the same ranch that Jeannette is coming to visit. The same ranch that Regan’s sisters live because they’re married to some of the cowboys. Zach and Jeannette meet when she takes a break from the icy welcome she’s been receiving from Regan’s family and heads to the horse barn.

The sparks between them are intense and are immediate. There’s no denying their attraction, and after a brief conversation, no denying that they are somewhat compatible. He offers to take her into the city so that she can pick up some clothes that will help her fit in better with everyone else on the ranch. Once they’re in town… things heat up. Both admit to their attraction, and decide to give into it.

Things are never easy though, and Jeanette is only supposed to stay in town for the weekend. He is able to convince her to give up her hotel room at the local B&B so that she can stay with him in his mobile home trailer so that they can have more time together before she has to leave.

I loved their romance. It was hot and super intense, but it was also lovely. Because of their time crunch, they both knew that the time that they had together was special, and so they made the most of every moment. They both pushed the other to grow and get outside their comfort zones. It was great.

Getting to see how things were going between Regan and Lily was nice too. I need to go and read the book that’s between the two of these now…and then go and read all of the books before these.

From start to finish, I loved the book and I loved the characters. I’m happy that I was able to get past Jeannette’s past infidelities and love her too. After reading this book, I want a solar shower. For the next time I go camping. Or maybe just to have… (because let’s be serious, I’m not a camper) but only if I have a Zach Powell to share it with. 😉

10/10 would recommend.


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