No Strings Attached

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

No Strings AttachedPublished: August 1, 2014

No Strings Attached — Susan Andersen

This book was such a treat to read. I’ve been a little stressed the last few days because school started back (the joys of college!) and it’s a pretty intense class that I’m taking. This book offered such a great escape from all that stress. Lose myself in a book? Yes please.

I’ve read several books by Susan Andersen in the past, and have always loved her books and writing style. So when I heard about this book, I jumped at the chance to read it.

I was not disappointed.

Like I said, it was my escape from reality this last week. I did not want to put it down. I found myself reading it at work when I had down time, reading it on my phone while I was waiting for the water for my shower to heat up… I read this book every chance I got.

I loved that the book started as kind of a flash back to when Tasha and Luc first met. It set up a very solid base and a great backstory for the rest of the book. Their shared history plays such a big role in the book, and I thought the beginning was perfect. Well. Except for the spending two days in a tiny, dark, bug filled room. If you ignore that part…it was perfect.

Tasha was hilarious. She’s a redhead (okay so it’s strawberry blonde…but close enough) and she’s sassy. She doesn’t let the big brute Luc Bradshaw walk all over her or intimidate her. Even though he towers over her and has enough charisma to make her forget her name. Sometimes.

Their first interaction after not seeing each other for seven long years was the best. I can totally picture myself having the same reaction that she did. Poor Luc. He was in the dog house from the very start… and finding himself on the wrong side of a woman isn’t something that he’s used to. I loved how determined he was to redeem himself to Tasha. He couldn’t stand the thought of her hating him, so he did whatever (and I do mean whatever) he thought was necessary to convince her that he was a good guy.

The other characters in the book were equally as delightful as Luc and Tasha. Luc’s brothers (Max and Jake) each have their own story in previous books — look at me reading out of order again! — which of course have been added to my ever growing “to be read” pile.

There was a cute little side romance between two high schoolers in the book. It was very sweet, and totally a romance between teens (I almost said “youths”. Like I’m that much older than they are…). Nothing explicit happens between these two, and I won’t go into any more detail… but I loved it.

This book was just such a pleasure to read. I was sad when it was over, but I was happy to have been able to read it.

I loved all the characters, loved Susan’s writing, loved the story.

10/10 would definitely recommend.


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