Books are great… and so are these web series.

So by now, everyone on this blog know’s that I’m a big reader. I love books. I’ve also fallen in love with some weberies. Primarily… online adaptations of beloved books. I figured that since I’m a blog devoted to books, y’all wouldn’t mind a post about book adaptations…right?

These are the series that I’ve watched so far and loved. Loved with a borderline obsession.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

This series has been around for a little while. It was the first major web adaptation of a book that I’ve seen. The first episode was published two years ago (which makes me extremely sad). Because it’s an adaptation, things have been changed slightly.

The sisters are Lizzie (with an ie instead of a y), Jane and Lydia. Kitty Bennet is an actual cat. Mary is a cousin instead of a sister. Lizzie is a grad student and decides to make a video diary for a project for school with the help of her bff Charlotte Lu. The diaries get a little away from Lizzie sometimes, but it’s very real feeling. Authentic. I loved it.

In the series, we don’t see Mr. or Mrs. Bennet, but we hear about them. We also never see Mrs. de Bourgh either. The characters we don’t see (and some that are introduced) are acted out by the main characters (usually Lizzie) through Costume Theater. When you watch the series, you’ll understand what I mean. Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with Darcy. I did. I almost fell for Bing too. Bing Lee… instead of Bingley. Lydia has a small spinoff channel and you’ll be able to find that as you get further along in the series.

Here’s episode one.

Emma Approved

Another Austen adaptation (from the same people that did The Lizzie Bennet Diaries). It’s a lot like Clueless (the movie) but it’s in my opinion, better. It starts off pretty slow… and things can be a little confusing. Some people in the fandom hated this adaptation. They hated the way it was set up. Emma is a life coach/matchmaker. She’s recording things that happen so that she can “document her excellence”. We, the viewers, aren’t supposed to know that the videos exist. They aren’t “in world”. I know that sounds all very confusing. I promise it’s a really great show. It just ended. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll make more episodes, but that might not happen. Just… keep an open mind and give it a try.

Here’s the first episode.

Frankenstein M.D.

This is also by the same people that did Emma and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. They also have teamed up with PBS to bring Frankenstein to life. It’s the first adaptation that they’ve done that isn’t Austen. This series has just started, so there aren’t very many episodes yet, but from what I’ve watched so far, I’m hooked. The cast is hilarious so far and I’ve already formed attachments to Victoria Frankenstein (instead of Victor) and Izzy.

Here’s episode one… just to get you started.

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

I also loved this one. It made me cry, it made me laugh, it made me want to throw things. Kind of like what a good book does for me. If you loved the Jane Eyre book (or the movies) you’ll love this one. It was produced by a group of actors in Canada who loved the book. They did everything themselves and without pay. Knowing that makes it even more wonderful for me. Be prepared for lots of tea drinking and lots of weird socks.

Here’s episode one.

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

Okay, I love books… right? I also love Disney. Tinkerbell has always been my favorite Disney character. I have a Tinkerbell key on my keyring and numerous Tink figurines in my room. I’m almost twenty five. I’m a Tinkerbell fan and PROUD. When I found out that there was an adaptation about Peter Pan I was very excited. This series is hilarious and weird and the first season just ended. They also just finished crowdsourcing to fund season two. I don’t know when that will start, but I’m hoping soon. I’m starting to go through withdrawals.

Check it out here:

There are a few more web adaptations that I haven’t watched yet, but y’all might be interested in.

A Tell Tale Vlog — Edgar Allen Poe adaptation

The Dashwood Diaries — Based on Sense and Sensibility (not by the same people that did The Lizzie Bennet Diaries)


And don’t be mad at me if you have a new addiction. Sorry!


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