Breaking All Her Rules

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

Breaking All Her RulesPublished: August 12, 2014

Breaking All Her Rules — Maisey Yates

Okay… fair warning. This is a Red Hot Cosmo Reads book. I didn’t pay attention to that little detail before I started reading this book. At work. The “Red Hot” part of the description of the book is not false.

It was all I could do to not blush bright red whenever someone came near me… so my advice is to make sure that you have a glass of ice water handy… and to not read this at work.

This isn’t a very long book… I’d call it a novella more than anything else… but I don’t know if I could handle all this hotness in a longer book. That’s a lie. I totally could. This book however, I felt was the perfect length.

Grace Song is a financial advisor who lives her life by a set of very strict rules. She always plays it safe and never takes any risks. I really loved Grace. Parts of me wishes I could be a bit more like her because sometimes I’m a little too unreserved. She rarely curses (even when she probably should) and I swear like a sailor.

Artist/Cowboy Zack Camden is pretty much the opposite. He’s got that artist thing going for him… and pretty much does whatever. He’s grumpy (aka eccentric) and travels a lot promoting and selling his pieces of art.

Grace and Zack meet by chance. She’s in need of a cab and he decides to share his with her. Cowboys… aren’t they sweet? During their shared ride, he flirts and she begins to relax her strict rules… just a little bit.

Things get interesting when the cab ride results in them accidentally swapping phones. Grace is smarter than I am and tracks her phone thanks to the internet. I would have just cried and called the cab company (and also said bad words). Grace goes to switch back their phones when her and Zack are reunited again… the sparks start to fly.

And well… so do the clothes.

Grace is able to let go and be bad for a little while. It’s liberating for her. For Zack, it’s a little different. He’s drawn to this woman… to a woman in general… for the first time since his divorce six years before. He’s got some own demons in his past that make things difficult for him, but he jumps into this explosive thing with Grace eyes wide open.

Of course, because they’re spending so much time together (after the first night they’re pretty much inseparable…) and learning about each other… Grace falls head over heels for him. His response to her declaration wasn’t the best thing ever… but it was understandable. I still wanted to shake him. And maybe smack him upside the head.

Because Grace has been able to loosen the reins so much after meeting Zack, she knows that she doesn’t have to put up with someone who can’t give her what she needs. She loves him, but doesn’t need him if he can’t love her back.

Zack’s character growth didn’t happen really until almost the end. I loved it when he came to his realization about how dumb he’d been… and how much he’d changed from who he had been.

Breaking All Her Rules was everything I needed it to be. Y’all know I love Maisey and her books. This one is no exception.

If you’re looking for a quick but very hot read, this is for you. I wasn’t kidding about the ice water… just so y’all know.

10/10 would recommend.


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