I’m back!

Hello, dear readers.

I’m so terribly sorry that I disappeared on y’all for the last… how long has it been? Two months? It was two months of torture, I promise.

If I could have, I would have been posting during the last two months. But… I couldn’t. Why? I had to finish my last semester of college and spending lots of time studying came with that. I found that it was too hard to read and write my reviews like I had been and juggle everything that I needed to do for school, and since I really needed to finish school… I cut back on this.

I didn’t mean to disappear for two months though.

The good news is that I’m done. No more college for me! Well. That’s not exactly true. I will still have some continuing education to do… but that’s a couple of years from now. All I really have left to do is pass the state boards, but that’s waiting until after the holidays.

I can’t remember if I ever mentioned it before (and I’m too lazy to go look right now…) but the program that I just finished was so that I could become a registered Pharmacy Technician. All I have to do is pass the state test (the boards) and I’ll be a professional pill sorter. That sounds… not that exciting.

After my boards are over (…fingers crossed that I pass on the first attempt) I can get a job in my field. So my to-do list is currently:

  1. Study for the boards
  2. TAKE the boards
  3. Find a (hopefully) hospital Pharm Tech job.
  4. Start doing my reviews again.

should be able to get back into doing my review thing soon! Though. I am going out of town in a few days…but I’m still going to be doing this again. I’ve missed y’all!

It’s time to celebrate! The Ginger is back!