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PerfectionPublished: August 27, 2011

Perfection (Book 2: Neighbor from Hell Series) – R.L Mathewson

Look at me doing a book series in order!

About a week ago (or maybe two weeks ago?), I reviewed Playing for Keeps by R.L Mathewson. This is book two in that same series.

Just like with Playing For Keeps, this book had me in stitches. Seriously. I just love the Bradford family in these books. The men are like overgrown babies sometimes (okay, most of the time… especially if it comes to food) and the women are the poor people that have to put up with their shenanigans.

The Bradford in Perfection is Trevor. He’s Jason’s (from PFK) cousin. Trevor is a big hulk of a man (most of the Bradford’s are) and he’s in search of his perfect woman. HAH! Like such a thing exists. Trevor has a set list of things he’s looking for in a wife, and he’s determined to find the woman that matches everything on his list.

Poor guy.

That’s when Zoe O’Shea comes along and messes everything up. Or in my opinion, makes everything better. I know I said that Haley was my favorite leading lady so far this year… but I think Zoe takes that spot. Or maybe they can share it. I loved Zoe. She’s sassy and knows how to stick up for herself. She even stole food from Trevor. Which is no small feat. He did steal it first — thieving bastard — but stealing it back was a brave thing to do. Until Trevor decided to stick his head up his ass. I’ll let you read the book to figure out what he did… but just let me say… he messed up. BAD.

And that’s how their tentative friendship started. With Trevor acting like an asshole.

I really liked Trevor too (even when he was acting like an ass). He was similar to Jason with the obsession with food, but was enough of his own person to stand out in the family. I think I laughed more at Trevor’s antics than I did at anything else.

R. L. Mathewson wrote another winner with this one. This book made me laugh, it made my heart hurt in some parts and the end gave me warm fuzzy feelings. I really like warm fuzzy feels at the end of my books. I love her writing style, and ability to make me fall in love with the characters. I feel like i know the Bradford family after reading these books, and I’m really hoping that she continues writing them. I know that the latest one came out last year (I’m going to be reviewing all of the ones in the series that I’ve read so far… don’t worry), but I can’t find any info about if she’s going to keep writing about these guys.

I hope she does.

I give this one a solid 10/10 recommendation.


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