The Bachelor’s Baby

*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

The bachelors babyAvailable: March 6, 2015

The Bachelor’s Baby – Dani Collins

This isn’t the first “oops I’m pregnant” type of book that I’ve ever read. But I think this is my favorite. I’ve never read anything by Dani Collins before, and I have to say that I really enjoyed myself.

In most of these books that I read, the guy gets pissed off once he finds out he accidentally knocked up the leading lady, blames her and broods for the next six chapters. Not in this one. Oh sure, he still mucks up the whole situation, but he’s quick to realize that he’s an ass and does his best to make amends.

I loved that.

Lincoln Brady is a man that knows how to own up to his “mistakes” and doesn’t shy away from confrontation. Meg Canon has been dealt a pretty shitty hand growing up in life, but it’s made her into the type of woman that doesn’t take shit from anyone. I loved Meg. I just wanted to give her a big hug and squeeze her.

Linc, however, I wanted to smack him upside the head during several different parts of the book. I liked him too though, so don’t worry. By the end of the book I even mostly loved him. He was a fun character to read.

I wish the book had been a bit longer, but I don’t think that there was anything missing from the book.

Dani Collins has a wonderful writing style and has a great ability to bring her characters to life. I could feel Meg’s pain when Linc was an ass about the baby. It brought tears to my eyes and made my heart hurt (that was one of the times I wanted to smack him).

I didn’t do much research on Dani before I started my review so I have no idea what other books she has published, but whatever they are. I want to read them.

I give this one a 10/10 recommendation.


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