*I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review.*

UndonePublished: July 2, 2013

Undone — Shannon Richard

I won this book in a contest that I entered. I won three other books and a tote bag… this was the first book in the set I received that I read.

Or rather… devoured.

I could not put this book down. Okay. I could. But it was really hard. I stood at the stove and cooked my lunch while reading this book. I stood at the stove and cooked my dinner while reading this book. I ate both meals quickly…just so I could get back to this story.

It took me about seven hours (with a few interruptions…humph) to finish this book. Seven torturous hours.

This book made me laugh. It made me mad (more than once) and it freaking made me cry. It is VERY RARE that a book will hit me right in the feels like that and activate my tear ducts… but lawd have mercy. I cried. Damnit.

Paige Morrison is someone that I could totally see myself being best friends with. She’s sassy, funny and once you’re her friend… you’re set. She’s a bit of a free spirit. Kind of. She has a serious love affair with shoes (the higher the heel the better) and bright colors in her wardrobe is an absolute must. She’s got some baggage from the break up, but overall she’s a pretty happy lady.

After a bad breakup and job loss, Paige moves from Pennsylvania to Florida to move in with her retired parents. Things don’t exactly go according to plan. There’s that thing about Southern Hospitality… but if you move to a small town… well. Good luck.

I LOVED that she moved to a small beach town in Florida. I’m from a small beach town in Florida. I kid you not. My beach town was further west than Paige’s Mirabelle… but things were pretty similar. When I pictured Mirabelle in my head, I pictured a combination of my hometown and Carabelle, Florida (which is totally a real place. I’ve been there).

If you’ve never spent any decent amount of time in the south, firstly… bless your heart. Secondly, 95% of the things that were portrayed in this book are so totally TRUE FACTS. Yes, you can buy doe/buck urine in stores on the side of the road. It smells horrible and if you get it on you, you’re screwed. Small town gossips are a thing and there is no getting around it. If you mess up badly, expect to see it in the paper.

Brendan King is DEFINITELY my new book boyfriend. Tall, has a southern accent (it’s sexy, okay), has pretty blue eyes and when he knows how he feels…he knows. There’s no “well maybe” with Brendan. If he likes you, you know it. If he doesn’t… you know that too. I just loved him. He was thoughtful and sweet when he should be and a badass “don’t mess with my girl” when that was called for too.

Their relationship was so sweet. They didn’t immediately jump into bed, which was a bit different from the books I’ve been reading. In fact, I can’t remember the last book that I read that the couple didn’t jump into bed within a short time frame of meeting each other. I loved that they took it slow and really got to know each other before their relationship progressed. Though, when it did progress… lawd.

I won’t tell you what made me cry…but I will say that as you get closer to the end, make sure you have tissues. I’m completely not kidding. YOU WILL NEED THEM.

Another thing I loved about this book? Each chapter has a “title”. It’s not exactly a title I don’t think, but it’s a sentence that gives you a small hint about what the chapter might contain. Example: Chapter Nine — The Case of the Disappearing Bra. Makes you wonder what happens…right?! So clever. I loved it.

I seriously loved this book. I’m so terribly sad that I’m done with it…but I’m already planning on getting the next two books in the series. I have to get them. I just have to. Shannon Richard is so talented. I loved her writing style and her ability to give me warm and fuzzies at the end…even though she freaking made me cry!

I wholeheartedly give this book a 10/10 recommendation. I loved it.


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