I’m Callie and I’m a redhead that loves reading. I read for fun, and I read all the time. I also love tattoos. I have fifteen so far, and I’m working on a full sleeve. I work overnights during the week as a pharmacy technician at a hospital.

I’m twenty-six and I live in Southeast Iowa… which basically means I live in the middle of nowhere. I live on a gravel road and there are cows in my backyard. They don’t like me much. I live in the upstairs room of my grandmother’s house with my cat Lindy, who is a total cuddle-slut and can play fetch.

I primarily read romances (Contemporary,  Historical, Western, Paranormal…etc). I love a good love story. Since most of my friends and family know I’m a reader, they sometimes come to me for what books to read. I figured that I could/should share what I thought about books that I read with everyone else. I’m a very fast reader, and can normally read a book in a day. This does depend somewhat on how long the book is, and how engrossed I become in the story. Some books might be ARC (advanced reader copies) but all reviews will be my own opinions and thoughts. If I don’t like a book, you’ll know about it, and why. Most books will be ones that I have purchased myself, but if they’re an ARC copy there will be a note about it on the post.

Thank you for stopping by That Ginger Girl Reads!


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